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hmm ,,, wonder what happened to all the other stuff from this page ,, guess it was taken over by the following:

Long Version:

°note to reader: this is the short version OF the long version ,, I can be very verbose

- With a lot of diverse projects on the go, help is needed to see them through; these things include converting and archiving old recordings and documentation, testing old equipment and possibly fixing it, managing the routine maintenance of web sites and helping to develop some new ones; in between fixing furniture or painting a wall, might lay out a sound studio; sometimes all you'll need do is a carry a few things, discuss ideas, and listen to really bad jokes; other times, if you like computers, there's hardware and software to set up; maybe just windows and simple apps, but then maybe linux, virtual machines, and maybe something cool to go with that sound studio, and of course windows 10 to try out; if programming and development peaks your interest... If learning about and working on diverse jobs in multiple fields, both mechanical, and intellectual, while taking time out to feed the squirrels, and maybe write a blockbuster movie, is the kind of thing you like doing, then you will find this rewarding.

- A bit about me and the environment you will be in: basically, someone is needed (that's you) to be be working alongside a nice guy (that's me) who probably: is double your age, is in the midst of six times more projects than you, has seen less movies than you, told more stupid jokes, spent less time on facebook, done more cooking, but less texting, more or less. I can boast having spent thousands of hours donating my time and efforts to make a difference for many. I like to build, create, design, teach, cook, learn, and fix things. I love animals, plants, committing random acts of kindness, making people smile, puzzles, and coffee. Some work will be in a home, and other times a business, background music spans genres, ages, and languages. Environs are safe: training will be be provided for any tool, machine, etc., being used. You will not be expected to do anything, nor use any tool or equipment that makes you feel uncomfortable, raises concern, etc.; being a goofball is ok, being an idiot is not. I have been working with, learning from, and teaching, kids, teens, young and middle age adults, retirees, seniors, and even many non-humans for ĉons; sowing the seeds of empathy, safety, respect and honesty have reaped their benefits.

- A bit about you: I am pretty sure you are a bipedal chordate, have binocular vision, opposable thumbs, and born on the planet Earth. Hopefully, you are a healthy, intelligent, honest, drug-free, non-smoker that likes animals, learning, smiles, and home-made food. Athough totaly not required, but it would impress me, if you: were able to spot any of the carefully hidden errors in the job description, could operate a computer with your feet, speak with parenthetical phrases and penta-syllable words, read and write upside-down, ride a unicycle while juggling, could ignore `technology` and cell phones for a day, genuinely value the intangible. The rest of the details you have to fill in.

~ °·° ~

wow! and you it this far! that is the end of the short version of the long version, I left out things like like examples of bad jokes, (although if you're the type of person that can find humour in knowing that oxgen-bonded baby rabbits are ether bunnies...) and if you happen to be counting misstakes, this pair of graphs is loaded with 'em. there's more, and if you actaully read all this and are interested , then you sound like a person I'd want to meet³ , and if hundreds of people volunteer, that coffee bill will get really high.

- Perks & Caveats: Refreshments likely provided, often home made, you are expected to volunteer any pertinent info re allergies, dislikes, beliefs, etc. as necessary. Owning animals, and may therefor bear an allergen. Should you want or require any help with your ideas or projects, you tend to get it for only the cost of asking.

~ °·° ~

³ for an interview; coffee;s on me; and don't forget to mention that was a semi-colon in lieu of an apostope, (for an extra bonus)

~ °·° ~